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Diving with…Michael Gary Aldridge, Orca Scuba Diving Academy, Essex, UK

European DTA Team



In this ongoing series, we speak to the people who run dive centres, resorts and liveaboards from around the world about their businesses and the diving they have to offer

What is your name?

Michael Gary Aldridge

What is the name of your business?

Orca Scuba Diving Academy

What is your role within the business?


How long has the business operated for?

13 Years

How long have you dived for, and what qualification are you?

28 Years –  Master Instructor

What is your favourite type of diving?

I would say drift diving.  Drifting along a reef, watching the underwater world go by.

If you could tell people one thing about your business (or maybe more!) to make them want to visit you what would it be?

Before I set up Orca, I was working for a local company and realised they were selling courses, not teaching people.  With this in mind, I set up Orca to teach people and not just sell courses.  Right from the onset I decided to concentrate on working with families, in particular young people.  And to that end, we have spent a lot of time nurturing links with local schools, colleges and youth organisations.  I am proud to say we were one of the first centres to be awarded the PADI Youth Approved Training Centre certification accreditation.  We continue to encourage people of all ages to come and dive with us.

What is your favourite dive in your location and why?

A few years we were approached by one of the teachers we work with in a local school and were asked if we could do a DSD for her sister. This in itself isn’t usual until we found out that the sister had lost the use of her legs and was blind due to terminal cancer, so without hesitation I put together a five man team, which included a videographer, to make sure that she had a great time and was safe and the whole family would have the memory forever.

What types of diving are available in your location?

We have pool diving from 3 – 20 ft, UK lake and coastal and overseas trips through Scuba Travel.

What do you find most rewarding about your current role?

Having someone say they can’t do it, then seeing their smile when they achieve something.

What is your favourite underwater creature?

Thresher Shark

Are there any exciting changes / developments coming up in the near future?

Shop expansion to have in-house equipment servicing and tank testing, plus the completion of the two classrooms.

As a centre what is the biggest problem you face at the moment?

Online retailers selling equipment at an unmatchable price but not training new divers, so just skimming profit off the industry.

Is your centre involved in any environmental work?

Indirectly.  We have trained up a lot of students who have gone to work full time or voluntarily for conservation organisations and this is something we promote in the centre to all students.

How do you see the SCUBA / Freediving / snorkelling industry overall? What changes would you make?

I see the industry as quite strong overall, although it is going through some major changes with new training organisations coming into play.  This can only add to the public awareness of our planet and conservation problems. I would like to see more control over the quality of the diver training worldwide.  We have heard a lot of horror stories from divers who have come into us regarding some resort training.  This goes from a 13 year old having cave and wreck penetration on an Advanced Open Water course, Discover Scuba Diving students being taken to 20 metres or a ratio of four to one to a single dive master in open water.  As well as flagrant standard breaches just to achieve certification levels and take money.

What would you say to our visitors to promote the diving you have to offer?

I come across a lot of people who say ‘I don’t like that’ or ‘I can’t’ before trying.  So I always say ‘Just have a go, you never know… you might just enjoy it’.

Where can our visitors find out more about your business? (This is where you enter your contact details and any specific details on how our audience can reach you)

Visit the shop at 17 Repton Close, Repton Court, Burnt Mills Estate, Basildon, Essex, SS13 1LN

Visit the website at

Send us an email at

Call us on 01268 520111 or 07960 140520

You will also find us on facebook, twitter and instagram.

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